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Building Corporate Value & Increasing Corporate Earnings

Results-driven Information Technology management executive with over 25 years experience leading start-up and high growth companies. I am very experienced with acquisitions, mergers, and partnerships.  I am an expert in analyzing operations and implementing the strategies, processes and technologies necessary to improve organization performance. Strong qualifications in:


·         System Analysis

·         Business Analysis

·         Systems and Network Integration

·         Software Design/Engineering

·         Information Systems Technology

·         Project Development

·         Training Program Development

·         Operations Management

·         Accounting/Cost Accounting

·         P&L Management

·         Negotiations / Acquisitions Transactions

·         Channel Development

·         Management Capital Raising / Financing

·         Management Personnel Management



Florida Biodiesel Fuel, Inc. (October 2005-to October 2008)

Title: Chief Operating Officer


·   The company was built from the ground up.

·   I oversaw all day to day operations.

·   Profit & Loss Management.

·   Fuel Wholesale/Blender licenses.

·   Developed automated inventory tracking, billing systems, and price management systems.

·   Day to day purchasing and selling Oil, Fossil & Alternative Fuels, Additives and Lubricants.

·   Applied and acquired all state and federal licensing and reporting including: EPA registration and reporting.

Independent Consultant / Project Manager (October 2003-to October 2005)

B&L Investments of Orlando, Inc. / Freeman Properties, LLC / B&L Commercial Cleaning / Do It All Cleaning Services of Orlando & Greater Orlando Airport Authority (GOAA)

Title: Business Development / IT Consultant


·            Full corporate infrastructure restructuring including all subsidiaries to streamline operations.

·            Restructured corporate financing.

·            Designed and automated work flows and accounting.

·            Established filing system requirements.

·            Developed cost accounting systems.

·            Developed operations, fleet and employee manuals.

·            Restructured pricing.

·            Initiated time studies and developed day to day operations for the Greater Orlando Airport Authority (GOAA) reducing staff by 50%.

Almost Family / Caretenders Inc. NASDAQ Symbol (AFAM) 1999-October 2003

Title: Chief Information Officer


·                                                                              Re-engineer, negotiate contracts, deployment, on going support, training and day to day management of all voice and data networks, phone systems, pagers, copiers, cell phones, fax machines, scanners, LCD projectors, routers, DSU./CSU’s, Cisco PIX firewalls and computer systems for 54 locations in 9 states and corporate headquarters.

·                                                                              Analyzed, engineered and developed new database management systems software for efficient operations management, cost accounting, billing systems, scheduling, production management and electronic claims processing for Visiting Nurse Division, Personal Care Division and Adult Day Care Divisions meeting all new federal and state regulations and requirements also incorporating the new HealthCare Information Privacy Accountability Act (HIPAA) electronic transaction set and rules.

·                                                                              Development, recruitment and management of custom software contract development group used for coding newly designed software systems.

·                                                                              Development, recruitment and management of Help Desk support group.

·                                                                              Development, recruitment and management of Systems Training Department.

·                                                                              Recruitment and management of Systems Maintenance Programmers and Database System Administrators.

·                                                                              Management of Operations Technical Support Group.

·                                                                              Purchasing all voice and data equipment.

·                                                                              P&L Management of 200 plus million dollar a year corporation employing over 3800 employees according to SEC and GAP requirements.

·                                                                              Developing and managing Information Technology budget.

·                                                                              Reporting directly to Chief Executive Office and Chief Financial Officer.

·                                                                              Officer of the Senior Management Committee.

·                                                                              Officer of the Compliance Committee.

·                                                                              Officer of the Audit Committee.

·                                                                              Staying current on new technologies and communicating information to management.

·                                                                              Due diligence and operations takeover for new acquisitions.

The company stock was being traded at 1.75 per share when I signed on as Chief Information Officer and had not showed a profit for 4 years prior. When I completed and deployed new systems and technology, the company showed profits for the last three years and the stock was trading at 8.50 per share on NASDAQ. The first QTR of 2004 after the overhaul was complete the company showed a 26% increase in profit for its shareholders.

Semi-Retirement (1997-1999)

I moved to Florida to take off for a couple of years and relax. I did some limited consulting for a couple of old clients in Kansas until the people I sold the company to defaulted on their note to me and eventually filed bankruptcy. Of course this forced me back into to the workplace in 1999.

Computer Management International Inc. (1987-1997)

Title: Chief Executive Officer

·            I launched a software development company specializing in physician practice management software. I led the company through rapid growth and directed all business development, finance, marketing, human resource, contractual negotiations, licensing and regulatory affairs. I built the company up to $1.7 million in the first year and $14 million in 2.5 years.

·            I researched, acquired, and integrated companies with technical expertise and formed a vertical company, Physicians Computer Management Inc.

·            I purchased a Blue Cross/Blue Shield division Physician Provider Division in Arizona and a preferred provider service organization from a big eight accounting firm in Chicago, IL. This grew annual revenues to $11 million and put the company as the largest ranked installed physician software based company in the country.

·            I merged two more companies, one in Oklahoma City and the other in Denver, Colorado that had quality technical staff that was badly needed for the continued success of the company. Giving up two thirds of my stock I resigned as CEO in 1997 by selling my interest, one third ownership to the other two stockholders.

Computer Masters, Inc. (1980-1986)

Title: President/CEO

·                                                                              Founded and launched a software development company specializing in custom business management systems.

·                                                                              Built the business to $5.5 million in annual revenues from custom software and contracting out programmers to other companies.

·                                                                              Decided to diversify the company and started purchasing small value added resellers that were installing physician practice management systems provided by Moore Business Forms.

·                                                                              Purchased the software system distribution rights from Moore Business Forms and spun off the value added resale division and formed Computer Management Inc.

·                                                                              Sold Computer Masters, Inc and invested the monies in Computer Management International Inc.

Information Systems / Technology Projects

·                                                                              Engineered software to fully automate multi-office home health care companies including Curaflex Corporation headquartered in Houston. I installed 75 locations for them and 30 locations for Caretenders headquartered in Louisville. The system provided Centralized Claims and administration, and established same day/24 hour fulfillment from all remote offices.

·                                                                              Engineered software to generate 190 different operations and financial statements.

·                                                                              Engineered “The Administrator” a software management system which eliminated manual paperwork systems for the nursing and accounting operations in Nursing Homes, Rehab Facilities, Clinics and Medical Service Organizations.

·                                                                              Developed Revenue Distribution System/Joint Interest Billing for the Oil and Gas industry, Trucking Industry, Aircraft Joint Ownership and Cattle joint Interest industries.

·                                                                              Designed and developed an airport management system for private airports.

·                                                                              Designed and developed a fully integrated manufacturing system for the aerospace manufacturing industry.

·                                                                              Designed and developed a fully automated attorney collection system and a paperless bankruptcy system.

·                                                                              Designed and developed numerous costing and accounting systems for various businesses.

·                                                                              Designed and developed systems for CPA’s to do estate taxes, billing, etc.

·                                                                              Designed and developed a construction management system that included cost accounting, estimating, purchasing and general accounting.

EARLIER CAREER: Founded, built a commercial and residential construction company. I sold it when the big recession started and went back to school. Served 4 years in the United States Air Force, ”Veteran”, Flight Crew Member (Honorable Discharge) and 3 years Air National Guard, Quality Control Expert.   


·                                                                              Programming Languages: INFORMIX SQL/4GL, C, FORTRAN, COBOL, BUSINESS BASIC, CSH, BSH, AWK, ORACLE, PROGRESS, SQL SERVER.

·                                                                              Operating Systems: DOS, WINDOWS 3.1 through WINDOWS XP Professional, NT through Business Server 2003, UNIX, AIX, ZENIX, HP UNIX, SCO Open Server Enterprise System and other various dialects Of UNIX.

·                                                                              Network Protocols: TCP/IP, IPX, NETBUI, NFS, TOKEN RING, FRAME RELAY and VPN.

·                                                                              Certifications: SCO UNIX Master Ace, UNIX System Administration, Network Administration, HP Certified.

·                                                                              Technician, Altos/Acer Certified Service Technician, Printronix Service Tech., Database.

·                                                                              Administration, Database Design, Expert Systems Design, Networking Essentials ++I.

·                                                                              Licenses: Air Frame.

·                                                                              Private Pilot through multi-engine part 135.

·                                                                              Other Certifications: Jet Engines (Over 2).

·                                                                              Jet Aircraft Crew Chief Cert.

·                                                                              Aircraft Maintenance Tech.

·                                                                              Non-Commissioned Officers Academy.

·                                                                              Quality Control.

·                                                                              World Government.

·                                                                              Commissioned Officers Academy.


M & M Junior College, Community College of the Air Force, University of Houston- Business, Wichita State University –Computer Science Numerous Credited CLE/CLU accredited seminars and classes, Wichita Vocational School (Airframe and Power Plant Certification), Pilot Training, Instrument Training and Continuous education with 200 + credits in management, technology, micro-electronics, programming, business law, computer law, marketing, money and banking, and accounting I & II.